Weekly Calendar

The Church & Parish Office is now open in a limited capacity. The parish office will be open from 9:00 AM–noon, Monday–Friday. The Church will be open at the same time for private prayer. As we must limit the number to 10 people in the Church, we have 10 stations set up for private prayer. Please stop by the parish office first to check in and receive instructions. If you need to speak with someone in the parish office in person, please call ahead at (217) 359-4224.

 Please check back every week for the schedule. For the most up-to-date info and for live streaming videos of our Masses and devotions, please visit our Facebook page.


As per new instructions and guidelines from the Diocese, we are able to offer the Eucharist via drive-up. Please follow the guidelines to receive below. Communion will be distributed Tuesday & Thursday  from 8:00–8:30 AM and Sunday from 11:00 AM–noon. Communion will be distributed at St. Boniface on Saturday from 8:00 AM–8:30 AM.



        • Enter from Mayfair and continue up the school drive
        • Follow usher’s instructions
        • The usual conditions for receiving the Eucharist still apply:
            • Must be Catholic and able to receive Communion
            • Must be in a state of grace
            • Must have observed the hour fast (with the exception of water or medicine)
        • You are encouraged to watch the entire Mass within reasonable time since the reception of Holy Communion is outside of the Mass
        • Prepare your hearts and minds to receive Jesus in the Eucharist
        • Maintain a reverent silence. Please no greeting or conversation with the ushers, servers, priests, or those in line. Please no radio or phone calls
        • Please use prudence and don’t come if you are sick or have been around those who are sick


        • Follow the ushers’ instructions and maintain reverent silence
        • Remain in your cars—Father will come to you
            • For multiple passengers who cannot reach the window, we may ask you to some out of the car to receive
        • Notify the ushers if you need low-gluten hosts
        • Communion is only given under one species
        • If receiving on the hand, please present your hands to the priest taking proper caution—especially in the event of wind and/or rain


        • Maintain a reverent silence, aware that Jesus is dwelling within you
        • Make a prayer of thanksgiving. If staying to pray, please pull into the parking lot rather than holding up the line of cars
        • Exit onto Lincolnshire

As noted in the schedule above, we are offering drive-up Confession on Saturdays (3:30–5:00 PM) in the St. Matthew parking lot (weather permitting). Please check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information. Please enter the lot via the Mayfair Drive entrance and follow the instructions of our seminarian assistants.

Wild Goose Series

This Easter Season, Fr. Brokaw took us through the Wild Goose series on the Holy Spirit presented by Fr. Dave Pivonka. Get caught up with anything you have missed right here.

9th Week of Ordinary Time (June 1–7, 2020)

All the live streamed events are available via Facebook Live. Some videos may be available later on YouTube. The videos are available both live and any time afterwards.

Monday, June 1
7:00 AM — Mass (Live Stream)
Tuesday, June 2
7:00 AM — Mass (Live Stream)
8:00–8:30 AM — Drive-Up Reception of Communion (@ St. Matthew Parking lot)
Wednesday, June 3
7:00 AM — Mass (Live Stream)
5:00 PM — Wine Down Wednesday (Live Stream)
Thursday, June 4
7:00 AM — Mass (Live Stream)
8:00–8:30 AM — Drive-Up Reception of Communion (@ St. Matthew Parking lot)
Friday, June 5
7:00 AM — Mass (Live Stream)
TBD — St. Boniface Feast Day Mass (Live Stream)
Saturday, June 6
7:00 AM — Mass (Live Stream)
8:00–8:30 AM — Drive-Up Reception of Communion (@ St. Boniface)
3:30 PM–5:00 PM — Drive-Up Confessions (weather permitting). Please enter via the Mayfair Drive entrance and follow the instructions of the seminarian assistants.
4:00 PM — Mass @ St. Boniface (Live Stream)
Sunday, June 7 (Most Holy Trinity)
8:00 AM — Mass in St. Matthew Parking Lot (please remain in your cars and follow the instructions of the helpers)
9:30 AM — Mass @ St. Matthew (Live Stream)
11:00 AM–12:00 PM — Drive-Up Reception of Communion (@ St. Matthew Parking lot)