Making a Pledge When You Already Have an Online Giving Account

Thank you for your support! You can make your pledge to our Vision 2020 campaign through the OSV Online Giving portal that you are already familiar with. Here are step-by-step instructions:

1.) Click here or on the “Online Giving” tab at the top of the page.

2.) Click on “Give a New Gift” to begin making your pledge to the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign.

3.) Select the “Gift Type” under the Vision 2020 Capital Campaign. You can choose:

    • Recurring—This means an ongoing gift with no time limit. It will repeat until you stop it.
    • Pledge—You choose an amount of money to give over a set period of time (usually 12, 24, or 36 months). You establish the parameters in which you wish to give and the pledge is paid per your instructions throughout the time period or until your pledge amount is fulfilled.
    • One-Time—You make a one-time gift to the campaign for a set amount. If you choose to give more you will have to log-in again and do another one-time gift. 

4.) Next you will enter the pledge amount you wish to give and establish the parameters through which you wish to give:

      • Amount (Total or Installment)
      • Date to begin your giving
      • Frequency of your gift
      • Payment method you wish to use.

If you wish to see different scenarios, including differing amounts and time periods to make your pledge you can use the “Pledge Calculator” in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you have everything as you would like, select Confirm” at the bottom of the screen.

5.) Next you will see a summary of your gift and you can confirm that everything is setup the way you want. You can select “Back” if you need to make changes, or select “Confirm” to continue.

6.) Click “Finish” once your gift has been processed. You will receive an email with a summary of your gift!