Vision 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended our Vision 2020 in-person and virtual receptions! If you were unable to attend, the information covered during the reception is available below. 

Vision 2020 Brochure     Vision 2020 Insert     Vision 2020 Presentation


Vision 2020 Video with Monsignor Deptula and Michelle Biggs


What is Vision 2020?

For over two years, leaders of our parish and school have met and prayed with Monsignor to formulate an over-all vision for our parish and school. Enrollment, curriculum, teacher’s salaries, and technology were some of the areas discussed. A “campus master plan” was also developed to help give a vision for the future. Several areas of need were addressed as well as several goals/dreams for the future.

What are some of the areas of need?

The most pressing needs are found in the oldest part of our school building—the original almost 60 year-old “hub” in the very center of the building. The below information is also included in the Vision 2020 Insert.

Remodel of 17 classrooms (13 original from 1960s) — $1,735,000
  • Double paned windows on exterior walls
  • Remodeling of wall space and improved insulation with bookshelves and acrylic countertops
  • Resurfaced cabinet and closet doors
  • New flooring and ceilings
  • LED lighting and ceiling fans
  • Rooftop units at each classroom for HVAC to provide heating and air conditioning
  • Fresh paint throughout the classrooms
Administrative Hub — $1,100,000
  • Modern and secure school entrance
  • Upgraded campus-wide phone system
  • Expanded campus-wide door access program
  • New offices for principal and administration
  • Dedicated school nurse facilities
  • Workroom and mail center
  • Staff workroom that allows for larger meeting space and addition of small conference room
Boiler Replacement — $165,000
  • Heating for the hallways and common areas of the building
  • Energy efficient system
Church Needs — $500,000
  • Upgraded technology to better provide a virtual ministry to our living parish
  • Updated internet for stability and quality livestream
  • Improved sound for the hearing impaired, livestreams, and our outdoor ministry
  • Bell Tower remodel and structural updates

How can I give?

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to donate online and please consider a sacrificial pledge to be fulfilled over the next two to three years. Your pledge can be paid monthly or in a variety of installments. Gifts made by direct bank transfer will save you/the parish the added expenses of credit card transactions. If you prefer to give the gift of stock or through more traditional paper “pledge cards,” please contact Chris in the parish office at (217) 359-4224 or