Safe Environment Training

Directions for Safe Environment Training 2022-2023

All parents and volunteers of St. Matthew School are required to complete Safe Environment training which includes background checks and safe driver training before volunteering in any capacity at St. Matthew School. These are to be completed online through Catholic Mutual Group and all results and training certificates are stored in the online database at Some training and forms need to be completed each year while others are good for up to 5 years. Directions for completion are found below. Thank you for your help and cooperation to keep our students safe!

  1. Set up an account at Please be sure to choose St. Matthew School as your affiliated organization. A step-by-step guide is attached to this email with the title: “CMGConnect: School Volunteers”. If you already have an account, log-in to check that all trainings are completed and not expired. Then complete the annual paperwork needed each year in the summary section below.
  2. Complete the “Safe Environment Training” curriculum videos and questions.
  3. At the end of the training curriculum, you will be directed to complete a CANTS form and authorization for a criminal background check through
  4. Complete the authorization and submit it online. You will be given the option for “Paid by User” or “Paid by Diocese”. If you choose “Paid by User” you can pay the $9 fee online. If you choose “Paid by Diocese” the school will be invoiced for the cost of the background check.
  5. Complete the “DCFS (CANTS) Authorization for Background Check” form and return it to the school office or submit via email to: A form is attached in this email as well.
  6. Read the Safe Environment documents regarding harassment policies, codes of conduct, etc. Policy forms can be found at under the quicklinks, then Safe Environment Program at the bottom of the page. Complete the “Verification Statement for Employees & Volunteers” and return to the school office.

Volunteer Driver Requirements

In order to drive on behalf of the parish or school for a field trip, athletic event, or any other reason, parents must complete the Volunteer Driver forms and Safe Driving curriculum.

  1. In your CMGConnect account under the required curriculums, complete the “Driving Requirements - Peoria”. Watch the videos and answer the question pages.
  2. Complete the “Volunteer Driver 2022-2023” form and return to the school office. The form is also attached to this email.
  3. Make a copy of your current insurance card and driver’s license and return to school office.

Summary: After completing online trainings at, return 3 forms to the school office.

  1. Safe Environment Verification Statement for Employees and Volunteers [*complete each year]
  2. Volunteer Driver 2022-2023 [*complete each year with copy of driver’s license and insurance]
  3. DCFS (CANTS) Authorization for Background Check (or submit online to:


CMGConnect - School Volunteers End User Instructions

CANTS Authorization for Background Check Form 22-23

Safe Environment Verification Statement for Employees and Volunteers 2022-2023

Volunteer Driver 2022-2023