SportHead Coach
Athletic DirectorLoren Mears
Cross CountryGregg Rose
SoftballMelissa Hoerner
BaseballJohn Staab
JV BaseballLance Oliver
5th Girl's B-BallMike Goebel
6th Girl's B-BallErin Quarnstrom
7th Girl's B-BallTom Kane
8th Girl's B-BallRush Record
5th Boy's B-BallBret Kroencke
6th Boy's B-BallJustin Kirby
7th Boy's B-BallMichelle Richards
8th Boy's B-BallErin Quarnstrom
6th V-BallTBD
7th V-BallJackie Klein
8th V-BallAngie Kerr
Girl's/Boy's TrackJeff Miller




How To Access Athletic Schedules

Click on All Schedules link above. Click on Season and then select the team from the drop down. Move the cursor right across the page to select the Level and Gender. The schedule will pop up. A Day, 5 Day, Month, and Season schedule can be selected.