Welcome to St. Matthew

An Announcement from Msgr. Deptula:

October 20, 2020

Good afternoon, because of an exposure to COVID-19 I have begun a 14 day quarantine. My exposure happened away from the parish over the weekend and at this time I am feeling well and display no symptoms, I was tested this morning and am awaiting the results.

Similarly, to when Fr. Pica was recently exposed, I have taken up my quarantine in the parish rectory and Fr. Pica will be staying elsewhere in town so as to avoid exposure.

As long as I test negative and continue to display no symptoms you may even see me out in my backyard or walking my dogs around the neighborhood (please forgive me if I simply wave and continue on my way).

I ask today more than ever for your prayers for me that I continue to be free of symptoms and the virus and for Fr. Pica who will be taking on the responsibility of providing the sacraments for us all during this time .

St. Matthew, pray for us!
Our Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for us!