Pastoral Care

Elizabeth Ministry

The Elizabeth Ministry is designed to reach out to women during special times of motherhood. Women can share experiences and concerns through personal visits at home or in the hospital. The ministry is also involved in pregnancy support, celebration of birth, post-miscarriage support, fertility issues, and infant/child crisis support.

For information contact April Stark

Hospital Ministry

If you would like a priest to visit you while in the hospital, contact the Parish Office.

For information contact Parish Office; 217-359-4224

Ministry to the Sick

This is a ministry of commissioned Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist who bring the Eucharist to those who are confined to their homes or nursing homes for long or short periods of time. They also share prayer and fellowship and bring any particular needs to the attention of the parish priests, staff or other ministries.

For information contact Jill Schneider

Parish Nurses

The Parish Nurse Ministry focuses on the promotion of health related to the values, beliefs and practices of the faith community, its mission and ministry to its members. Emphasizing prevention and early intervention, parish nurses act as integrators of health and faith, health educators and counselors, referral advisors, advocates for healthcare and volunteer coordinators. Functions include providing information on medications, home safety, nutrition, specific care skills and acting as advocates and managers of health care at medical appointments. Partnering with pastoral care, parish nurses visit parishioners at select healthcare facilities providing spiritual care at Masses, Communion services and weekly Eucharistic nursing home rounds. To access the confidential parish nurse line, call the Parish Office.

For information contact Marie DesChamps