St. Matthew Policy on Eulogies/Words of Remembrance

It can be a powerful part of the healing process to share memories and stories of our deceased love ones.  In the past, these have sometimes been shared during the Funeral Mass.  Many speakers would get overwhelmed with emotion or even the anxiety of speaking from the pulpit.  Eulogies would also unduly extend the length of Mass leaving guests, especially non-Catholics, uncomfortable.  We encourage words of remembrance, but have found that these are best shared outside of the actual Funeral Mass.

While we no longer allow words of remembrance during the Funeral Mass, the visitation the evening before the funeral is often a perfect time to share thoughts and stories.  The luncheon after the Funeral has also proven to be ideal for multiple speakers to share poems, stories, and reflections.  Our staff can also help set up a photo-slide show or even videos to be shown during the luncheon in our parish hall.

Policy added November 1, 2019 (Solemnity of All the Saints)