First Communion

Preparation for First Communion is a 2 year program, typically 1st and 2nd grade. If your child has yet not completed the First Year, sign up for the First Year, even if they are in 2nd grade.
If your child is in 3rd grade or above and has not completed the First Year, sign up for their current grade level and contact Susan Taylor ( for further information. First Years will be completing lessons online through
The Second Year First Communion class will have in person meetings on every Sunday starting at 8:45am and then attending the 9:30am Mass with their families. The first class will be on September 18th. Second Years will have an additional Photo/Retreat fee that will be collected later.
Older students who missed receiving 1st Communion in 2nd grade can sign up for the “Catch Up” 1st Communion class.

Questions? Contact Susan Taylor at the parish office—(217) 359-4114 or