Information for Catholic Family Life (CCD) Families

Preparation for Confirmation is a 2 year program, typically 7th and 8th grade. If your child has yet not completed the First Year, sign up for the First Year, even if they are in 8th grade.
If your child is in 9th grade or above and has not completed the First Year, contact Susan Taylor ( for further information.
Both First and Second Year students will have in-person meetings on Tuesday evenings. 1st years will meet from 6-7pm. 2nd years will meet from 7–8pm. The first meeting will be Tuesday, September 13.
Second Years will have an additional Photo/Retreat fee that will be collected later.

Information for all Confirmation Families (both School and CCD)

Complete Google Form for Sacramental Records & Certificates

Please complete this Google Form for our parish sacramental records and to confirm your contact information to make sure you receive all the information regarding your child’s Confirmation. This form must be completed for all school and CCD students who will receive Confirmation this school year  Please complete the Google Form by November 30th.  It can be found here:

Sponsor Forms

Your child’s sponsor will need to fill out a Sponsor Certificate of Eligibility form.  The sponsor needs to fill out a portion of the form AND their pastor needs to fill out a section, so please send this out ASAP as it may take some time for it to be returned to us.  Please have the sponsor and their pastor fill it out and return it to the parish office by November 30th as well.  The form can be found here: Sponsor Form 22-23

Photo/Retreat Fee

A fee is needed to cover the Confirmation Retreat and photo of your child being confirmed.  The fee is $50 and is due on November 30th with the forms.  You can pay online by credit card or bank account, or offline by cash or check.  Either way, please fill out the following form to pay or indicate your offline payment:

Confirmation Robes

You will also need to purchase a RED robe for Confirmation from Amazon for about $20.  Please order the gowns early as they go in and out of stock frequently. Also, Confirmation is in the middle of graduation season and later the robes are harder to be found.  A size chart can be found further down on the pages.  We also have a few donations from previous students that will be available on Tuesday, November 15th, from 7-8 pm in the St. John Room. They can be purchased for $1 on a first come, first serve basis.  The red robe can be found at either of these two links:

Student/Parent Holy Hour

The first Student/Parent Holy Hour is on Wednesday, November 30th from 7-8pm in the Church for students AND parents (sponsors also welcome!).  All of the forms and payment are due by this date. The second Student/Parent Holy Hour will be at the same time on Wednesday, February 15th.

Confirmation Date — April 16, 2023

Confirmation will be held at St. Matthew on Sunday, April 16th at 2pm. More details will come later!


If you have any questions, please contact Susan Taylor at