Helping Children Grow in Faith

CCD (which stands for Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) offers the opportunity for the children of St. Matthew Parish to learn more about their Catholic faith in order to deepen their relationship with Jesus and prepare to receive the sacraments.

We have some exciting news about our faith formation program for the upcoming school year. Given the circumstances in which we find ourselves with the pandemic, we’ve had to rethink how we can continue to form our parish children in the Faith, but do so keeping current safety guidelines in mind.  Therefore, CCD will have some big changes coming this fall, and we think they are going to help both the children and the parents dive deeper into our Catholic faith. 

Beginning on September 13th 2020 and ending on May 2nd , 2021, our CCD Program will be home-based, Mass-centered, and involve the whole family. Our students will still utilize a book curriculum, but the books will now be online, and weekly lessons can be worked on at the convenience of the family schedule. Much more importantly than books, however, is how our children and families will live out their faith in new and deeper ways. Holy Mass, which is the source and summit of our faith, will be attended as a family, as usual, but then we will also provide follow-up questions for family discussion, and activities to do at home too.  We will not offer Pre-K or Kindergarten classes this year. There will be links and activities you can check out on our website for ideas to help your littlest ones.

1st Communion and Confirmation

First Communion (Grades 1 & 2) and Confirmation (Grades 7 & 8) Preparation will remain two year courses. If a child is preparing to receive First Communion or Confirmation and was not in CCD last year, he or she needs to sign up for the first year of that course. We hope this will provide better formation for our children, and help for those who may have missed a year in CCD to still obtain the needed formation to receive their Sacraments.

Confirmation classes (year 1 & year 2), and the First Communion class (year 2), will meet 6-7 times in person throughout the year, socially distant in Feeney Hall, on different Tuesday evenings at 6:30-7:30pm for extra attention focused on their upcoming Sacraments. While the children are in Feeney Hall, the parents will also be meeting on-site.

How to Register


**If you have any questions about which CCD grade/level your child should be in, please just give us a call at the Parish Office (359-4224)  or email before registering online. **

Please register on-line at:

Dates: CCD will begin at home the week of September 13th , and continue through May 2nd , 2021. We will send each family a calendar so they know which chapters to work on each week.

Grades 1-6  $30 per student (to cover on-line materials).  Please mail in or drop off a check to the Parish Office, payable to St. Matthew with “CCD Registration” in the Memo Line.

Confirmation Years 1 & 2 (Grades 7 & 8):  Families will be purchasing their own course materials directly from the Chosen website ( We will have details/directions for those Confirmation Year 1 and Year 2 students once they’ve registered.  

Sacramental Fees: There will be additional supply/picture fee for those receiving Sacraments this year.  Sacramental fees will be charged in the Spring. 


We know this is a lot of change. We are excited about this, and hope you will be too! Thank you for your faithfulness, and allowing us to help you educate your children!